Offering a Suite of Collaboration Services That Address All Forms of Remote Communications

Our Audio Conferencing services meet the needs of small work groups that require an impromptu meeting room as well as large group meetings or events that may require pre-production planning services, in call operator support and post call services. Our audio services can be customized to meet the needs of your team.

Our Lync Audio Conferencing is a fully integrated solution which connects both computer and telephone audio callers seamlessly during a Lync Web conference.

Our Web Conferencing offers a full range of data collaboration that requires nothing more than your PC and an internet connection. Users can share web sites, documents, demo software applications or simply share their entire desktop all from the leading web conferencing providers in the industry.

With a simple webcam you can also add video streaming to your web conference without adding any cost.


ConverseNetworks offers a full range of audio conferencing services from Reservationless conferencing to Operator Assisted conferencing. Our services meet the needs of small group meetings to large scale event services.

Reservationless Audio Conferencing

Our Reservationless service is always ready. Dial into your conference room at any time with no advance planning or scheduling and meet for as long as you like. And because there are no monthly fees, fixed charges or minimums you only pay for what you use.

Conferencing That Works Like You Do

cost-effective conferencing service

24X7 access to conference calling has become a required business tool much like your Telephone, PC or Cell phone. Without it your ability to be effective is reduced. ConverseNetworks Reservationless Conferencing service gives round the clock access to an easy to use, reliable, secure and cost-effective conferencing service. Our Reservationless Conferencing is a completely automated service that enables you to quickly and easily communicate with up to 75 participants on a single conference at any time. Simply dial your toll-free number and enter your unique Participant and Moderator code to instantly begin a conference without a reservation or operator assistance.

Advanced Capabilities At Your Fingertips

ConverseNetworks gives you the tools to easily manage your audio participants from your telephone key pad or from our easy to use web tools. You can, secure your meeting, record your conference or dial out to others on the fly. Or if you prefer, simply dial *0 and our Operators will do it for you.

Add Visuals

Be more productive by adding visual components to your conference. Your Reservationless account also gives you 24X7 access to our webCONNECT platform all with the same conference codes. Simply access the connectionCENTER on our web site to share, Presentations, Web Sites, Applications or your full Desktop all with no advanced reservation. And best of all, with our Triple Conferencing web and video conferencing is included at no additional cost.


ConverseNetworks operates on one of the most advanced conferencing platforms in the industry. Our state of the art technology provides conferencing at an economical price point with 24X7 live operator assistance to make sure your calls are flawless. You or your participants can dial *0 at any time during your conference for operator assistance.

Billing and Reporting

flexible and customized invoicing options

You can monitor usage on-line via myDASHBOARD for your entire organization. myDASHBOARD provides single page, at a glance access to conferencing services, features and account information. From the Dashboard, hosts can view and change their account profile information, subscribe to new account services, schedule audio, web and video conferences, and view 90 day call histories. ConverseNetworks also provides flexible and customized invoicing options. Our advanced billing system allows data to be summarized and sorted for internal accounting requirements or client charge back purposes.

Best of all we deliver all of the above in a unique MultiMedia Minute package that provides audio, video and web conferencing all for a single flat rate. Three technologies, one price.

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Scheduled Pass-Code Conferencing

Our pascodeCONNECT service provides and increased level of security with the convenience of a self-service conference. The unique conference code you are given while scheduling your conference is not reusable creating a higher level of security for your call.

passcodeCONNECT is ideal for automated conference calls where you feel additional security is warranted. When speaking privately to a client or working on a top-secret project with a work team, passcodeCONNECT can be used to insure that your call is absolutely secure.

Any webCONNECT conferencing service can be integrated with passcodeCONNECT calls.

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Event Conferencing

Operator Assisted services are available for a full range of conference support. You may require the personal touch that an operator adds by meeting and greeting each of your calls or you may require a Q&A or polling session be coordinated to enhance your meeting. Operators can also monitor calls to ensure the highest level of service and professionalism during your call.

ConverseNetworks operators are professional, polite and treat your guests to the highest level of conferencing services available. When your call is critical, Operator Assisted Conferencing ensures success.

concentrate on the content and the flow of the call without having to worry about any of the details

Much like the way your office manager keeps the office running smoothly by tending to all of the administrative necessities, our Operators perform this same function for your conference, enabling you to concentrate on the content and the flow of the call without having to worry about any of the details.

What’s more, any of the webCONNECT conferencing services can be integrated with your audio call. The integration of audio and web conferencing tools into a single meeting allows for a most productive event – the power of the web combined with the passion of the voice business issue. Whether you are giving a formal presentation to an audience of hundreds or brainstorming with a tight-knit group of colleagues, there is a web conferencing option right for you.

Communications Line – enables the conference manager to speak privately with the host during the call to provide updates as specified by the host. Examples of such updates would be the status of call participants, who is in queue and what polling trends may be.

Polling – enables the host to ask a series of questions to the participants. The host may pose questions with up to nine possible responses.

Queuing – allows conference participants to “line up” to ask a question using their touchtone phones. The participants will be individually placed and announced with the chairperson.

Sub-conferencing – allows two or more parties to hold a private discussion while the conference call is in progress. Sub-conferencing participants may leave and rejoin the conference call as often as they wish.

Recording and transcription services – enable you to increase the shelf life of your important call events.


audioASSISTANT provides you wih a valet service to begin your conference call. Our operators provide the personal touch of greeting each participant and welcoming them to the call. Additionally, the greeting can be branded to personalize your conferencing experience.

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audioMANAGER gives you the continuous support for your most important, highly visible conferencing events. Experienced operators actively manage the conference and offer assistance for queuing questioners, polling participants and exchanging information with the conference host.

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Lync Audio Conference Calling: Fully integrated audio conference call service that is fully integrated with Microsoft Lync Online (Office 365) or premise based Lync deployment. converseNETWORKS in conjunction with Microsoft® enables you to easily integrate audio conference calling with Lync web conferences.

risk free: no contract, no set-up fees, no monthly fees, no kidding

Full Lync audio teleconference call integration: Connect Lync computer and telephone audio callers, Outlook e-mail integration, mute/unmute attendee lines, audio recording integration, real-time participant status, and more.

Business quality conferencing: Services delivered from fully redundant conferencing centers around the global and backed by 24x7 support.

Dedicated Customer Support: Touch *0 during your conference call for operator or technical support anytime or call your dedicated account manager.

See & Control your call with Microsoft Lync:

  • Combine Lync computer (VoIP) and phone conference callers
  • Active talker to see who is speaking
  • Conference call details automatically populate in Outlook email invites
  • Mute/unmute attendee lines
  • International access from 100+ countries
  • *0 in-call customer support

Whether you are looking to add a video window to your web conference presentation or need to support video rooms around the world ConverseNetworks has a solution.

creating more interesting and better attended meetings

Our web conferencing services allows the presenter, with a basic web-cam, to broadcast live video of themselves during their meeting. Participants can put a name to the face while attending web conferences creating more interesting and better attended meetings.

We also offer full video conferencing support services such as room certification, reservation desk and room management services. Contact us to learn more or have a program customized for your needs.


Our webCONNECT suite of services includes a product for every web conference application you may have. From a few people gathered for an impromptu meeting to a large webinar with hundreds of participants, we have a product to meet your needs.

Our suite of products allows you to share Power Point presentations, the ability to collaborate and share any application, text chat, annotation, and polling, all at a cost effective rate. With your browser and an internet connection you can share visual information with 3 or 3000.

multiple web conferencing services to meet your specific needs

ConverseNetworks, in collaboration with our web conferencing partners, IBM, Microsoft® and WebExTM, offers multiple web conferencing services to meet your specific needs. Each of these services includes a menu of presentation and/or collaborative tools that will enable you to get your point across or resolve an outstanding issue. Whether you are giving a formal presentation to an audience of hundreds or brain-storming with a tight-knit group of colleagues, we have a web conferencing solution that’s right for you. webCONNECT services are provided with flexible enhancements that can make the most of your conference experience – including planning and post-conference follow up. All of our multimedia staff have the knowledge and experience to help plan and manage your conference – whether it’s an automated web conference or a managed audio and web event. Our goal: to provide a positive, “no surprises” conferencing experience that improves your productivity and simplifies your business day.

WebEx™ Services

ConverseNetworks offers the complete suite of WebEx services including Meeting Center, Event Center, Training Center, and Support Center. The WebEx suite has been developed to provide services to meet all of your web conferencing needs.

Audio and Video Webcasting

ConverseNetworks offers audio and video webcasting services that allow you to reach a wide audience in the most economical way. Webcasting allows you to “stream” real-time audio and video along with your presentation materials to your audience via the internet.

audioCONNECT Integration

ConverseNetworks audio and web services are tightly integrated to significantly simplify entering a conference and to ensure timely and accurate billing on the same integrated invoice. Also, our own certified web tech support team allows you to get web conferencing help by pressing *0 during your audio conference.

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Are you still paying for web conferencing? Most conferencing companies charge you for their audio services and then again for use of their web conferencing. Not at ConverseNetworks, we charge one time for everyone in the meeting whether they just use audio conferencing or web and video conferencing too. You will no longer be charge multiple times for a single participant in your meeting.

never pay for web conferencing again

Our Triple Play Conferencing starts with our Reservationless Audio conferencing service and allows you to add IBM Sametime Unyte web and video streaming at no additional cost. Three technologies, one price.

With our Reservationless audio conferencing you can get groups of 25 or more users together with no scheduling.

Key Features:

  • Hold calls at any - No advance scheduling
  • Wallet Card for Moderators
  • Free Web, Video Conferencing
  • No hidden fees, minimum’s or other charges – pay only what you use
  • myDASHBOARD for on-line access to your account
  • webVIEW – Manage your call live with a browser 
  • Detailed invoicing for cost accountability

Try our Triple Conferencing and never pay for web conferencing again.

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